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Welcome to the RACGP Exam Support Online

The purpose of these practice exams is to provide you with the look and feel of the real exams in both form and content. It is not, however, an indication of how you will perform in the real exam.

The Clinical Knowledge Test – AKT Practice Exam

This is similar to the RACGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) because it consists of clinically based multiple-choice questions in the form of extended matching questions and single best answer questions. Seventy-five (75) questions are to be completed in a 2-hour period.

The Clinical Reasoning Test – KFP Practice Exam

This is similar to the RACGP Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam because it uses clinical case scenarios designed to test your responses to questions, focussing on the key decision making steps in a clinical case. Thirteen (13) cases are to be completed in a 1 hour and 45 minute period.

You can view a short video guide to the real online exams at

NOTE: The learning activity is designed to assist you in your learning and in becoming familiar with the testing environment. Results obtained in the practice exam learning activity will not determine your result in the actual exam. The KFP written response questions are not marked, so you will not receive a score for these questions.

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